Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easter 2012 Part 1

1 Easter dinner is never quite enough. So when given the opportunity to have 2 dinners--you snag it up (especially if it means you don't have to cook).  We spent Saturday before Easter at my aunt and uncle's house in Henderson. My cousins and their kiddos were in town so we had a down right Easter party. The2 itty girls were thrilled about getting more candy filled Easter eggs. Riley was thrilled about getting more deviled eggs, and Berns and I were just thrilled that the girls were thrilled.

Riley really is quite stoked about the egg. I swear. She just is extremely uninterested in having her picture taken by her mother...."Uh mom!"....ya, apparently she is 14.

Little kooky Zo.

We make pretty fantastic bunnies.

Bia liked the baked beans the most--can you tell by the evidence left on her face?

She really let me know that it was not a good idea to take away her beans. Check out that glare...this girl means beansiness...*moohaha--I'm cleaver--play on words*

She did offer to share after I promised not to take them away. I let her keep them..

The evening was full of non tradition Easter dining (a delicious BBQ), treats, egg hunts, and outdoor toys. I'm tempted to just make deviled eggs and baked beans this next's all the girls wanted to eat--that seems easier than some fancy ham. Whose coming?!

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