Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Nots Berry Far" {Knotts Berry Farm}

"Season Pass 69.00-- Daily rate--$40sum"- It only makes CENTS (moohaha, I'm punny) to buy a season pass to Knott's Berry Farm even though we lived 3.5 hours from it.

Berns and I decided that our family trip for the year (Spring Break 2012) should be to spend the week with the girls down in good ol Southern Cali soaking up sun and riding some rollercoasters. Being that Disney costs eleventy billion dollars, we decided to head on over to the land of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. The girls ate. it. up.  They loved every little bit of it!

I think one of their favorite parts was staying in a hotel. We are baffled by the fact that they get so excited to go back and just chill in the hotel--but then I remember when my dad would take me to a hotel and recall getting all kinds of giddey and excited too. And let's be honest- I'd kinda like to live in one- you leave and when you come back the entire room is clean and beds are made! Thats the life!

Zoie loved riding Snoopy's Letter ride...I don't recall what the name of it was- but you basically sat in a little seat that bounced up and down. Riley loved the roller coaster..she's getting so big that she's finally to the age that things like that are "So totally AWESOME!"

We were also lucky enough to have our lovely family friends The Brizzee's come along for the fun ride- the girls loved it because they each had a little buddy to hang out with for the week. Riley enjoyed being a tween with her buddy Hailey. Zoie and Preston got to be partner's in crime like always, and Bia and Alyssa enjoyed eating always.

I, of course, took WAAAAY too many pictures- in which you get to partake of now. So enjoy--cuz we sure did.

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