Saturday, June 15, 2013

Glory Days

Once a year Berns gets to relive his college glory days and go back to him home field and attempt to outplay the current team. And now that we live back in Durango it was easy for him to make it to this years' Alum game!

My ever so lucky husband has the most ridiculous annoying metabolism ever. EVER. The kind that makes you want to punch him. So, it's easy to be fooled when you look at him and think he's in just as good as shape as he used to be.

He's not. (love you honey).

He still looks the same...but can't play the same. And he knows this--So he told everyone his goal was to last 5 minutes on the field.

But because my husband is also a rock star he lasted an entire half! *clap clap clap, whoop, hollar, yahoo*

The girls had a good time watching their daddy kick a ball around. I enjoyed watching him run around in his white uniform (my favorite. lovely. soccer players in white.)-- and he enjoyed getting SCHOOLED by the new team. I don't recall what the final score was--but I think along the lines of Alum:1  Fort Lewis Men's Soccer 2012: Eleventy

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