Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Not Ok

This little peanut turned 2. TWO! T-W-O! Seriously?! It’s down right mean how fast my little nugget is growing. But she is perfect in every way—a little onery, but perfect.
About this nugget:
           Beezer loves Mickey Mouse and his friends. Loves them. Would probably prefer living with them over me.
2.      The little peach doesn’t like anything that is semi healthy for her. She wants nothing but sweets (don’t worry, we are working on that one!)
3.       Little miss is EXTREMELY opinionated. She will definitely let you know if something is happening that she does not agree with.
4.       She loves strawberries. A lot. Almost so much that an intervention might need to take place.
5.       She’s a momma’s girl. Hands down.

We love our little Bia Bird, Beezer, Bia Tortilla—she makes me smile every day.  I’m so glad she is ours and we get to snuggle her and squeeze her any time we please. Happy Birthday little miss. Youre the bees knees.

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