Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The power of some Gatorade and Nutrigrain

When I grew up field day meant "Track and Field". We trained for the whole second semester and learned how to triple jump, long jump, and run relays, 400 meter dash, and the mile. it was intense.
From there we would go to the city track meet--and it was always at a high school--Rocky Mountain High School-- and when I got to go I felt soooo cool. When I would win in an event at my school and got to go to the CITY TRACK MEET--I was pretty much the bomb. --It was right when Nutrigrain bars came out and I felt even cooler when I sat there waiting for my event sippin my gatorade and snackin on a Nutrigrain bar. I. Was. Cool.--Totally. legit.

Now, fast forward 20 years and you have Riley and her field day...which consists of NOTHING that I remember. If I said "triple jump" to Riley she might jump up in the air 3 times *sigh*....
Field day in Vegas consists of waterballoons and chair races. While that sounds all fun and dandy- I am pretty bummed my kiddo didnt get the chance to chug her Gatorade and snack on a Nutrigrain get the point.
However, she had a great time and I guess that's all that matters. The two itties and I packed up some water and trekked it down to Riley's school to watch her in all her glory as she participated in relays and races to see who could put the most water in a cup or squeeze the most water out of a sponge. Being that field day is the end of the year and by then in Vegas it is 15 million degrees, I totally understand the need for water games.....and lets be honest, I was so hot I wanted to participate. The longer I was there the more the water games looked a lot more valuable than my silly triple jump anyways.

 One of my favorite pictures of all time. I dunno why...can't explain it...I just adore it. I'm gonna frame it....10 times.

 Bia felt the need to start doing yoga or something during the activities. I think the heat was making her crazy.

 Someone was super excited to be there....can you tell?

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