Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Kessley

Riley Aspen-- have you heard of her? The cute lil lady that is 9 years old? You know, the one that looks like me? --This little lady has had a wild and crazy imagination since she came screaming into this world.  Her thoughts and stories are constantly flowing--I can't even keep up.

When we moved to Durango she was excited because her 2 best friends lived there! Little Miss Jessica Harris and Kiersten Landford. Once we got there, Riley's little gadgets in her mind starting turning. She got together with her little buds and decided they wanted to put together a restaurant. They were going to be the servers AND the entertainers--and good ol Grandma Nisey got to be the cook.

The girls spent a couple weeks planning what they wanted the menu to be and passed it on to the chef (Good ol Grandma Nisey is always the greatest for always doing things like this for them! Especially in a HOT kitchen in the dead of summer!).

The morning of the restaurant Riley went to work making the sign--they called it the "Kessley"--apparently that is part of all 3 of the girls names (Kirsten, Jess, and Riley). 

When it came time to serve, Zoie was feeling a little left out and decided to dress up and enjoy the "fun" of waiting on people.

It was such a cute fun evening. I love my little imaginative Roo and the little wonders she brings to our every day lives!

 Work it girl

 Our servers. Arent they all just FABULOUS!?

 The Kessley--If youre lucky maybe it will show up again some day.

 This little peanut walked around greeting people

The crew and the tired, hot, didnt-get-to-eat-the-yummy-food chef

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