Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love me some fireworks....or lack there of.

4th of July is always a treat to celebrate--only because it gives us an excuse to BBQ, play in the water, and listen to some good ol country songs about being proud to be an American.  I would also say that it's a fun reason to sit and watch some lovely displays of Fireworks--however, Colorado banned them this year due to all of the fires.....oh, right...Colorado....

Back up....slow down....rewind.....

We moved back to good ol Colorado. Yup, we suuuuure did. Berns had been searching high and low for a new career opportunity.  We had been searching since September and started getting really frustrated. There was a split second that we thought his best bud had a position for him in southern California (I totally fit the House Wives of Orange County type don't I?!)--but that fell through. After months and months of searching and praying-Berns and I finally decided we wanted to go back to {my} roots and head on back to the lovely state of Colorado. Durango seemed to fit swell.
So Berns looked for jobs there and landed one with the Durango Herald....not really his field of study- but it was a good starting point.
So in June, we packed up what we have called home for 4 years and traveled the 10 hours east to find a new home.
We parked our belongings at my mom's old house (She moved to Manti when we moved to Durango...I say it's because we stink....but she said our timing was just bad). and unpacked the crazy Costas.

SOOOOOOOO, with that being said, 4th of July was spent in lovely, beautiful, Durango! Little Miss Riley Roo was with her father, so we missed celebrating with her cute face- But the 2 itty bitties, Grandma Nisey, Berns and I spent the day playing at the river. Despite the fact we had to miss fireworks (yup, they were banned since the entire state of Colorado seemed to be up in flames)- the girls had a grand ol time. Grandma Nisey seemed to enjoy herself just as much as the littles. It's nice to be back in a place where the girls can wander and play outside and enjoy the amazingness that nature has to offer. 

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