Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Room With a View

Day 2 San Francisco started out by cruising down to the beach. We chose China Beach this day as it's right next to Brady and Taisja's house. We had to drive through the utmost cutest neighborhood in the world to get there. I tell you what...if I had an extra eleventy billion dollars I would buy one of those houses in an instant. The view that these people must get of the ocean and golden gate must be awe inspiring.

REGARDLESS...the weather was fantastic, so we all took a stroll on the beach. We climbed on rocks, Berns pranced and frolicked, and we all enjoyed a little warm sand in our toesies. We will stop holding a grudge against Brady for leading us into a large wave getting all of our pants wet at the end...it's ok Brady...we forgive you...I think Berns' socks are finally dry.

Enjoy the pics...like I said...more to come...and then some more.


Taisja & Brady Maxfield said...

We miss you guys! We're so happy that you came out for a visit! I would love to sew a comforter for you! Send me some pictures to my email of what you're looking for:) taisjalee8@msn.com

lissalynn said...

how fun! you guys are precious!