Sunday, June 17, 2007

And Now Introducing.....

It's official, Berns and I have joined the cyber world of blogging. I figured it was easier than sending out a huge long email every month...well, that and I can make it look cute.

As you all know (or may not know) Berns and I tied the knot May 2nd (Sorry all you lovely single ladies, the Brasilian futebol player is no longer on the playing field.) And as luck would have it our honeymoon proved to be quite efficient as a little Costa will be joining the family next year.

Berns has since been spending his time trying to figure out all of the millions of papers he needs to fill out so they will let him work. He thinks he is quite smart for marrying a 'Sugar Momma' but little does he know that once he graduates, I'm officially retired. Well, except for the whole raising kids job, and convincing Berns to let me open my own Acai store...

Berns' soccer team, Atletico, has been doing great. He really wished he could go to all of their games. Actually he tried to convince me to fly to Belo in the middle of our honeymoon (which by the way was on a beautiful island...I'm sooooo mean) to watch a game but he settled for watching it on TV....again, on an island. He checks the rankings daily...or hourly, even though they only play once a week. Poor boy. Felipe, if you are such the kind brother you claim, send your brother a video of a game....he will watch it over and over and over again.

Riley is off in good ol' Greeley, Co visiting her dad. This baffles the Sunday school kids Berns and I have been assigned to teach. Their 9 year old minds don't see how she is visiting him when her "dad" is sitting in the class room....such sweet innocent minds. After talking to Riley, she is enjoying her time playing with her friends, swimming, and attempting to ride her bike. She assures us that she is "more awesomer" than we are cause she went under water by herself. If you saw Berns and mine attempt at snorkling, she is probably right.

Berns is telling me that I have written too much, so all that is left to say is that I'm back at 4 am 5 days a week and WHAT A THRILL it is.....I mean that in a not really way. The idea of going home and taking a nap is what gets me through the day. Cooking up a baby is very exhausting, and makes me quite ill. I'm hoping the nausea and stomach pains go away any day. I feel like I've already doubled my weight, although, the baby is only the size of a strawberry right now....I've already signed Berns up to carry the next child. He says he will if I fly him down to watch an Atletico may be worth the money...Until next month....we love and miss you all. Come visit---Berns makes good sandwiches and I mix some pretty good kool-aide.

much love,

Berns, Shea, Ri, and the strawberry


Devin said...

Right on! Nice blog. I stil haven't figured out how I'll send you the pictures I took at the wedding. Talk to you soon.

Devin Caldwell

SladeMomma said...

Yeah for a happy new blog to read! Yeah for cute cute CUTE pictures! Yeah for cooking Strawberry Costa! And I'm glad that periodically you have to come up this way to get Riley so you can come visit. Love ya!

Aubrey said...

Maybe its just me, but the pictures come up all weird and on top of each other?? Anyway, maybe one day I'll actually figure mine out and put pictures on it. Nice job though. Hopefully we get to hear more about you this way! :)

Leire said...

This is gorgeous. You all look gorgeous. And I am incredibly glad you all look so happy.

I love and miss you so much.

Your future neighbour.

Dan said...

Shea, so great... so very great! Love the family... keep it going.

dawnmarie said...

Hello Shea Babe!! I'm super happy to see that life has been treating you well. My, and to think I was just fixin to go to bed, then I decided to check my mail! I wish you the very best in your move, oh and congrats on your strawberry! lol. I may have to take you up on the kool-aid pretty much convinced me.
Happy Holidays