Thursday, September 20, 2007

September Sun?

Time flies when your having fun...isn't that how the saying goes? Cause I think it's right. This last month has FLOWN by...on a large jet...with caviar served in coach...who would imagine that! But really, I was quite surprised when I realized it was already September 20. Where did Summer go. I didn't get to break out that itsy bitsy teeny weiny bikini that I bought on the beaches of Rio (you all can stop laughing now at the thought of me in a bikini.)

Durango is cooling off, I actually have to wear a sweatshirt when I leave for work in the morning and turn on my heater. There was a dust layer of snow in the high mountains and I decided I'm not ready for cold weather. I hate cold weather. Cold weather and I have an extreme dislike for each other.

Now that I've ranted and raved about my extreme dislike for the cold weather....other news. Riley started Kindergarten this year! She was WAAAAY excited; so was Berns and I. She is loving the fact that she gets to learn how to read, and has already decided that having cold lunch is the better way to go (smart kid.) Although, Ive seen the menu for hot lunch, they serve things like chicken sour cream enchiladas and schrimp...what happened to the nasty cardboard pizza I got when I was in elementary school?

Riley also just turned 5. She got to have her first big birthday party complete with eleventy billion friends and presents...this girl is so spoiled. I used my wannabe crafty skills to try and invent a "Little Miney Pony" cake (My little Pony). It tasted scrumptious, but started to melt...not sure what it is I did to make it so cake could melt. Riley told everyone how huge she had grown since she was now 5. She is already in the makings for planning her 6th birthday party...

We also have been keeping her busy with every afterschool activity we can possibly find. Her time is consumed with soccer, dance, swim lessons, and gymnastics. It makes for lots of driving and running around after school--but in the evening when we get home all she wants to do is eat, cuddle a bit (which is the BEST!) and go to bed!!! Before she wasn't ready to sleep until close to 9. Come 7pm she is begging and pleading for us to read her a story and put her to bed...well, ok, not begging, but she definetly does it willingly. She has been quite the little character. I have decided that this is my favorite age...but then again, I say that with every age. I told her she needs to stop growing, she got very serious and told me "Mommy, sometimes people can't stop growing and you need to let them grow, cause it they can't grow they can't reach the shelf that all of the treats are on." Ahh, what a truthful child...little does she know I still can't reach the shelf the treats are on...

Berns is still Mr. Happy Brazilian Man. He's happy, but that doesnt mean he likes his school classes, which he seems to get more and more irritated with each week. Today he gets the joy of camping for 3 days with his fellow classmates in his "Water in the West" class. As much fun as camping is, he is definetly not thrilled. His thought on his last three classes is that the college took subjects that you could discuss over dinner and made them into semester long tedious classes...then made every major take them. Did I mention he didnt like his classes?

Work is going well. He is busy learning the ins and outs of managing, while coaching the JV soccer team. I think I see him a maximum of .234542 hours a week. And in that time we have just enough time to eat and ask eachother how our days went....cant wait til graduation!

Riley and Berns are still partners in crime and got the chance to spend a week together without me. I went to a conference in Denver while Berns and Riley took on the world together from home. Everytime I called they were laughing, tickling, or doing something fun without me....I think there week was more fun not having me there than when I am there. Maybe I should go on trips more often! California, Seattle, New York, I come! Berns had to leave before I got back, so Riley had the chance to drive up with a friend to Denver and live out the week with me in Denver. She loved going to watch a show at the Denver Performing Arts Complex and eating "shiny food" (I assume that means at a nice restaurant, but you never know with this girl).

Berns was in Grand Junction and Durango enjoying the life of a soccer boy coaching the high school and watching the Fort Lewis Team as an alum. (hes' wearing MY pink robe cause it was "Too Tough To Wear Pink" day at the game in support of cancer...

And about me--which you sort of got at the beginning.--I think it's getting cold way to fast. I also have spent the majority of the month traveling around having fun. Riley and I took a trip to see the family in Utah over labor day for a few days. Mom came with us, Berns was sad to stay home and work....darn responsibilities (which I'm sure that I have...but I tend to ignore some of them...darn it.) Ask mom about the Kangaroo Zoo'll get a kick out of it.

I then got to head up to Denver for a week and play. Really, it was for a conference that was about arts integration--but it was also eating REALLLY GOOD FOOD (just to give you an example I ate blueberry cheesecake waffles with graham cracker maple syrup for dinner....ammmmmaaaaazzzing.)..I ate WAAAAAAY too much. We also spent time shopping and spending all of that money Berns was making by staying home :).....Not really.

Other than that, I've been working (when i can fit it into my vacation schedule :) ),

teaching children how to sing and dance and do the jig. I'm also working on a show in October to benefit the kids with Cancer in Durango...which is suprisingly a lot of them. It will be a fun Disney show!! Come see it! Oh, and if you havent noticed by now....I chopped all my hair off. I'm officially a soccer all I need is a mini van :(

Other than that life has been simple and pleasureable for us. We are all looking forward to big changes (hopefully) that will come within the end of the year...graduating, moving, NOT HAVING TO WORK AT 4am EVERYDAY!!!!. We love life, we love soccer, we love singing and dancing, we love cookies....We love you!

~Shea, Berns, and Ri.


SladeMomma said...

You guys are way too HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY! But seriously, Shea, all the pictures of you are beautiful. I guess HAAAAPPPPPPYYYYY = beautiful. I'm so sad that I didn't get to see you and your mom while you were only 60 mi down the road in Denver. I'm even more sad that I didn't get to eat that shiny food with you.

Aubrey said...

So cute! Love the pictures, love the story, love everything! Its great that you are so happy! You deserve all the happiness in the world! Let me know when your show is in October and Hailey and I will drive down to see it! Love you!

Aubrey said...

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