Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year, New Life

Life slowed down long enough for me to update everyone on the where-abouts of the Costas....and this is probably due to the fact that it's Sunday so really I'm not supposed to be doing anything else than documenting the magnificent life style of our family. Well, I could be napping too...
Christmas came and went rather quickly...I'm a little confused by it, but I then realize that it was just mixed up in the wirlwind of moving, starting new jobs, and visting with lots and lots of family. Nonetheless, Christmas was grand. Riley is still in ammusment with all of her new found toys (including the hairdye set that her WONDERFUL aunt Britt and uncle Nate gave her). She spends her time "shake-a-shimmying" with her Hairspray movie grandma Nisey so graciously bought her. Other times is spent "Wacking a mole" with plastic mallets and moles with construction helmets that light up. She is quite thrilled to play with her new digital art studio and enjoys drawing and printing pictures on the computer. And of course, most of the barbies in the new HUGE barbie doll house have ended up butt naked. (granted...these days Mattel has made the "outline" of underwear, but it's still the same color as the skin...)

Riley is also thrilled to spend every waking moment she possibly can with her cousins that live 2 blocks away. Poor Britt has had the pleasure of taking her every day after school so that I can go train for my new job. Riley doesn't understand when we tell her she isnt going over there on one day or that they cant play....Berns and I become quite the enemy when we rip her hands from the grasp of Britts stair laugh...but it's almost that dramatic. Other than that Riley seems to be adjusting to life just great. She has a few fall outs that we would expect from any 5 year old, but she is still the bright bundle of craziness that she has always been.
Berns has started his job in the big corporate world. His day is spent in a high rise with eleventy billion windows and a maze of cubicles. He has the window cubicle and his view is amazing, so it makes this good. His official title is Senior Solutions Consultant. I dont have a single clue what that means, but it makes my husband sound ultra-cool. He has been enjoying the "real-man" world, but he still has his dorky goofiness about him, so dont worry. He hasnt had much time to do anything but work, but when things calm down with our schedules (which currently overlap) he will probably try to find some indoor soccer league he can enjoy. Until then he challenges my brother-in-law Nate to foosball tournaments when ever they get a moment. He's happy and cute, and thats why we like him :)

The most exciting thing I can tell you about me is that I got a new camera for christmas!!!! It's a digital SLR, and I have NO IDEA how to use it, but it sure does take pretty pictures. Justin spent a few days trying to teach me about aperture, shutter speed, etc etc, and I just looked at him with a blank face and raised eyebrow. Im still learning the cool things it can do, but until then, I'll just point and shoot! But all of these pictures are with my super neat new camera. Berns also spoiled me rotten for Christmas and bought me a guitar. Ive been wanting to learn, so he gave me a good excuse to get going! He's a good one!

After all the crazy days of moving, unpacking, and adjusting to my new house, I spend my time being lazy and training for my new job. I have taken a well deserved break from the medical world and have started working for JetBlue. I get to work from home after my training is done, so I am very excited about that! Other than that I spend my time trying to organize all the schma in my house. I went to see my new doctor the day after Christmas and he told me I was allowed to start working out again!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!! I march right on down to the rec center and signed up for a pass. I have been going every day after I drop Riley off at school, but I find that after 2 months of not being able to do anything, its quite hard to get back into the groove of things. Not to mention that my balance is thrown off from the big lump attached to the front of me.

I also got another ultrasound and the doctor assured us that the baby is another girl (and it doesnt look like there was a discrepancy as she was ready and willing to let us know!) Poor Berns is going to live in a house with a Shea, a Riley, and another one that will probably be a mix of craziness just like her mother and older sister. He remains a humble, humble man.

Other than that (like that isnt enough) life for the Costas is the same. We all still love laughing, playing games, eating treats, and lounging in our pjs and slippers. If you love doing that too, come join us in our new casa. We'd love to have you....even you Britt and Nate...even if you do only live 2 blocks away.

Much Love,

Be, Shea, Ri, and Zoie (yes, thats her name)


jalynnie said...

yeah! yeah!
sounds awesome...

check out my blog, for all my you!

SladeMomma said...

So good to hear from and about you. So good to hear that life is going well. So good to hear about the camera and the guitar. I can talk on and on about both since I got a new camera for Christmas too and have been taking guitar lessons for 3+ years now - not that I'm any good yet, but it's been fun learning.

jalynnie said...

hey shealicious..
my brother is moving to salt lake on monday..he is the new manager of a cinemark movie theater in park city...

call me when you get a chance.. 970-744-0062( new phone #)