Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Auntie Pam and A Furry Friend

Being that I have to have a Visa to get into Brasil, I am required to renew it every 5 or so years. This was the year and the closest place is in L.A. Bummer eh? We HAD to take a trip to the beach...Darn. So the 2 littlest ones and I packed some weekend bags and decided to go crash at good ol' Aunt Pammy's house. Poor little Riley missed out on the trip because she was visiting her dad in Colorado for the first part of the summer.

It's always nice to find an excuse to invite ourselves into Pam's house. She always gives us a warm welcome and probably the most comfortable beds known to man. That girl sure does know how to make a bed. Little puffs of cloud heaven surround you. It's unreal......

ANYWAYS-- the 4 of us girls took a stroll down some little canals near the beach and found a little park. We were on a mission to feed some ducks some popcorn. (Everyone deserves some buttery deliciousness). We found us some ducks...and then we found us a little fur ball.

A baby duck!!! And the little guy was friendly and kept following us (he wanted some buttery salty goodness I bet.) Pammy decided to befriend him and picked him up for the girls to hold. They were in heaven....

Little Zo named him Herman...or Henry....I forget.

I'm pretty sure Pam liked him the most though. I felt an intervention coming on and thought I might have to bring in some troopes to prevent her from taking the little guy home.

The weather was perfect and it was nice to escape the nasty Vegas heat for a few days. The girls loved just being outside.

And of course we got pedicures and manicures--cuz no trip to Aunt Pammies house is complete without one.

Thanks Pammy. We love you...and Henry...or Herman...

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