Sunday, June 8, 2014

Testing, Testing, Does this Thing Still Work?

Sometimes, in the weeee hours of the night (oh, ok, 9:30pm--but that's considered wee hours when you're old like me) you start thinking about all these things that you would like to accomplish--or, shall we say, you start thinking of "what you want to be when you grow up".
Tonight, yet again, is one of those nights. Let's be honest, I feel like every night is one of those nights. When you lay down, after you've put the last kiddo to bed, where you sit down and start thinking of how tomorrow you're going to spend less time doing dumb things like sweeping 1600 times a day, and do things that make a difference.

So, on the list tonight--besides telling myself that I would get better at the bedtime routine (which is something I plan to fix every night); was getting back to my blog.

I started my blog many moons ago for 3 reasons.
1. it was the cool thing to do. And since I'm obviously very cool, I had to do it.
2. We had family that lived in far off lands that needed to know that we were alive and still cute.
3. I wanted something for my kids to read when they got older and smile at. Since I'm a horrible journal-er...(yes, I'm sure that's a real word) I used my blog for that purpose.

Well- I feel as though blogs are "so yesterday" (to some extent. you have those peeps that are professional journalists that still write incredible literature that millions of people subscribe to--I'm not one of those people.)--but I still have family in far off lands that like to know our whereabouts. And I still feel like I should be able to show my kids how their yesteryear's were. In today's society of Facebook and Instagram--not enough good stories are told.

So I'm back to tell stories. You don't need to read them by any means. But my children do. And so does my mother-in-law.

I'll probably go through pictures and back track a few years as well as throw in new goodies. I love me some good reminiscing. Time for some [written] fun.

But first bedtime. After all- it's 10:11pm and I should have been in bed 2 hours ago.

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