Friday, March 28, 2008

March Madness

I guess its bad when even my husband tells me that its been too long since I've written...So I'm sacrificing and spliting away from the cleaning, laundry, making the bed, etc etc to write and entertain you all (I know, I'm heart broken I dont get to do those things right now.)

It has been a LOOOOONG month that has gone by really fast...does that even make sense? Berns has been busy busy busy at work doing the same thing he has done the past few months. He still can't quite decide if he likes the job or not--it depends on the day-but then again, that is how it is with every job right!?

Riley and I ventured back to Durango the very beginning of the month to see mom's production of High School Musical. While I'm not the fondest of that teen craze, it was cute. We went with my sister and her kiddos and it was a fun fast trip!
Grandma Nisey then ventured over to Utah for my cousin's happened to be the same day as my birthday, so I was ever so lucky to have mom here on the grand day. That's birthday was a few weeks ago (those of you that forgot, no frets, I will still gladly accept presents!). Berns' birthday followed a week well as my precious little Niece Izzy (Isabelle--she turned 1!) So we have spent all month partying.
Riley and I then ventured out west to beautiful Seattle for my buddy Lissa Ward's wedding. It was a great trip and we were able to spend most of our time with Justin. Being that Riley LOVES flowers, she found the market place amazing. She loved the tulips and daffodils. She also got to catch the bouquet, (not that the lovely bride didnt purposely throw it at Riley) so Riley was in 7th heaven all week. The weather in Seattle was great--we even got to go to the beach and eat the most amazing ice cream known to man. Riley was very sad to leave and told Berns as soon as we got home that he needed to move us to Seattle. haha.
Berns was starting to go through withdrawls and joined 2 soccer teams. Its nice to see him doing what he loves to do again. I bought him a grill for his birthday and he is super excited to "be a man!"...the only problem is, I forgot to buy all the grilling "tools" you need to grill...sigh...silly me. He does love it and would love to BBQ for anyone--so if you are hungry, mosey on over!
My belly is growing to sizes that are unreal. My cousin Keri described hugging me as an "experience"....Justin was in awe of how unreal it is...its quite enormous. It looks like I should have had this baby months ago. The belly is, without a doubt, ridiculous.
Zoie likes to sit nice and low in my belly and is giving me quite the nasty back ache because of it. I have started seeing the doctor every 2 weeks and he is thrilled that I'm so large and have huge ankles....apparently that is exciting for doctors...I however find it not so grand. Being the amazing husband that Berns is, he bought me a prenatal massage for my birthday. I went and got it the other day and it was heavenly....I've decided I really need one every day--anyone wanna treat me?!!!
Riley is beautiful and a spirited 5 year old as always. She twirls and skips, sings and laughs. She lives in her own little land and we love every minute of her.

Nothing is really new and exciting for us, but we all remain excessively happy and excited about life--so really, nothing else matters.
Next time....


Aubrey said...

Its only been a little more than a month...not too bad, if you consider the time between some of your past posts! Cut pictures, cute family, cute blog!

SladeMomma said...

Nothing new and exciting? I don't believe that for a minute with all the partying, traveling and making of a new baby going on. I'm so glad that life is grand there in UT. Hopefully someday soon we'll make it over to visit. Love ya!

mari said...

Overseas it´s been really fun to know how the life of the Costa Family has been going.. It´s a joy to hear all about the special moments you guys are going through specially with the arrival of little Zoie. So keep it going! Its how we get to be part of things there. We love to read it! We love the pictures!! we cant wait to know more and more !

Anonymous said...

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