Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Famous Life

So, another month has come and gone. News here hasnt really changed--we still await the arrival of Zoie, Riley still sings and colors her way through life, Berns is still working...and finding projects to do around the house, and I am stil WAY large. Since I have nothing new to report--I have decided that I would post something a little more interesting than what we had for dinner tonight...This is an interview of our family--like the one you might find in a magazine interviewing a famous person. We all wanted to feel famous....so here's our interview: Enjoy-the next time you hear from us, it will be to post good news of our new itty bitty.

What countries have you been to other than your home country?

B: USA, Portugal

S: Brazil and Mexico...i really need to travel more.

R: Um...Seattle...uh....Durango...Brah-zil (she rolls the r when she says it.)

Ice Cream or Sherbert?

B:Sherbert...lemon sherbert

S:Lemon sorbet with raspberries on it...pretty darn scrumptious.

R: BOTH!....what does sherbert mean anyways?

Biggest Regret?

B: Not bringing my mother-in-law to live with me--cause she cooks.

S: I try not to regret---but probably senior prom with Nick and Dan..that was awful.

R: No.

Musical Instrument?

B:the, um...accordian...I play it quite well actually.

S: The vocal chords--its a pretty neat one. I used to play trumpet in jr high...good ol Lesher

R:Remember those little colored flute that I have? I play those.

What is your biggest turn-off?

B: I'm not telling

S: Intolerance of difference

R: People to be mean to me

East Coast or West Coast?

B: West

S: Brazilian Coast

R: East beach--what do they have on east beach?

Jeans or Shorts?

B: Shorts

S: jeans....with my havianas...life is superb with those.

R: my princess dress

Do you like thunderstorms?

B: "tu tu" (A brazilian clicking noise meaning "no")


R: uhhhhh, yes.

What is your favorite grocery store?

B: I dont have one.

S: HEB and Central Market in Austin

R: Claires

What do you think they eat in Heaven?

B: Picanha

S: well, from the looks of the commercials, Philidelphia cream cheese snack bites.

R: um...real food...

What are your comfy clothes?

B: No clothes

S: My dance clothes--basically stretchy pants and a tank top

R: A big poofy dress

What color are your eyes?

R: Greenish brownish

B: sky blue (but Riley buts in and says, "no, yours are greenish brownish too")

S: Almond, hazelnut, chesnut, ok...really they are just boring brown.

What sort of comic book character would you be?

B: Snoopy or Charlie Brown....Charlie Brown

S: I'd be the girl with the really tight clothes and huge boobs...you know, just guessing by type casting and all...riiiiight

R: I would be Underdog

What language would you like to learn?

B: My CTR's class language (he has a good point, they are 4 and we cant understand a single word they say)

S: I really really need to learn portuguese

R: Um, every single one of them

What's your favorite sport?

B: Badmitton...*silence*

S: to play--volleyball, i like watching soccer live--but not on TV, i dont like any of them on TV

R: None. i dont like sports.

Where do you want to travel to next?

B: my bed--it seems so far away! (he says this as he is on the couch...lying down...)

S: To Tailand

R: Everywhere...Nowhere (she says this cause she is sick of answering questions.)

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

B: 254

S: Eleventy Billion

R: *shrugs her shoulders* "i cant even say that"

If you could have any job what would it be?

B: Couch QA

S: Entertaining...singing....dancing...but I am quite fond of the mommy job too.

R: It would be being a fun teacher and teaching kids how to be fun.

If you could be any wild animal, what would it be?

B: none...thats a boring question

S: A penguin...I already waddle and who doesnt want to slide around on their bellies?

R: A zebra

Where's Waldo?

B: With my money--i can never find him

S: Probably in Tailand...which is why I need to go--I need to find him, he's been lost for years.

R: In Hawaii

Cup Half empty or half full?

B: Too big

S: Its spilling over the top cause Riley poured the milk

R: What cup?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

B: Right here, but on a different couch

S: Still taking this interview

R: Not answering anymore questions.

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions?

R: On some jewlrey

B: paying my "girl's" bills

S: I'd give a big chunk of it to family--then I'd travel...to Tailand...to find Waldo.

How do you feel?

B: Nervous

S: Large, and my butt is numb

R: um, wierd

Favorite Place to eat?

B: my mother-in-laws house, or my grandma's house

S: Easy Ice in Brazil

R: at Old McDonalds.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

B: Cause there was too much violence on her side of the road.

S: To get to the other side (you obviously didnt listen to that joke as a child)

R: I dunno

What is worse--a bad laugh or a bad cough?

B: A bad question

S: A cough--a bad laugh eventually just turns funny--right damon?

R: What's baddest? a cough

Favorite TV Show?

B: you mean showS (plural)

S: the dumb teen drama One Tree Hill...i've got a bad addiction...

R: Everyone! (Keep in mind riley watches tv MAYBE an hour or two a week, so watching TV for her is quite exciting)

Walking past a beggar, ignore him or give him change?

B: Give him food

S: Buy him a bag of gummy bears

R: Ignore him, he's a stranger.

What's your favorite food?

B: yes please

S: Acai, frito schma, frape, fruit pizza, fiesta chicken...ahhh heck, I just like food

R: Shrimp

Favorite Kind of Chip?

B: Cheesey Pringles...ooooooh, we havent had those in a long time (he leaves the room, gets the keys, and you hear the car leave to get cheesey pringles...)

S: yummmm...chipppps....

R: those cheesey ones we have--what are they called?

What did you want to be when you were little?

B: a soccer player

S: taller...still do

R: um, I wanted to be a 4 year old.

There you have it friends...as long as it may be...but that is us in a nut shell. We are very onry, sarcastic, and live in our own world...but we love life and love each other.

Until next time...which will probably be when Zoie will be here to grace your presence...

we love you all!


Felipe said...

fiota, não é "haviana" não; é "havaiana"...

aqui, você podia colocar mais fotos da riley, mas não precisa de colocar fotos que vocês mexeram no photoshop...essa ai do bernagay levantando a riley só com um braço, fica parecendo aquelas mágicas de levitação de quinta categoria...a menininha não consegue nem levantar um saco de arroz de 5 quilos, quanto mais a riley...tststststs...vocês não me enganam não...

mari said...


SladeMomma said...

I really like the first picture with Riley in the background, and the one of her in glasses. I also enjoyed her responses, i.e. no sports, poofy dress. Such a girl!

Keri said...

That was darn fun, Shea! Write some more! Write some more! I need more laughter in my life, and you always do such a great job of providing it!

jalynnie said...

you have been tagged...check out my blog to find out how to play!