Sunday, June 15, 2008


Being that it's father's day...I think I will take this moment to tell all of you how fantastic Berns is.

It's interesting to me that in today's society it isn't "cool" to be a family person. Most "cool" people have decided that a job that makes lots of money, going out to dinner every night, and having the newest and greatest high tech toy is what makes happiness. I find that most people have decided that getting married is overrated and would rather find themselves in the single crowd at a bar, or short term relationships. When they finally decide that its time to get married, they are in their 30's, maybe 40's. Some think having children is ludicrous, others think it's ok to start their family in their 40's. I'm not one to judge, this could be a great life...just not the one I prefer.

Then there are people that I see that want to surround themselves with little league, dance rehearsals, saturday nights at the park, friday night at Chucky Cheese, hot dogs and chips for dinner, scraped knees, My Little Ponies, and late night bottle feedings. They surround themselves with these things because they love spending time with their children and love the family life.....this is how Berns is. He is the most wonderful father anyone could ask for. He would drop what he is doing in an instant to play dress up with Riley, have a wrestling match, snuggle with Zoie, or read a story. He is daddy in its truest form.
I came across a quote once upon a time that I think applies to Berns in every sense.

"Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy".

We love Berns and the daddy that he is and we are so greatful for his wonderful young spirit.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this you all are looking great and glad to hear from you this way. Berns being a dad is looking good for you:) Love you both - John and Deb Phillips

Cris said...

PARABENS Papi Bernardo. Beijos,

SladeMomma said...

I love all the pictures of Super Daddy. He's GRRRREAT!