Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sneaky Me

So, this will be my first time 'blogging!' Shea doesn't know I'm doing this, so that's why I have to do it before I come home... Anyways, I just thought it would be nice for everybody to hear more about Shea, because she never talks about herself nor posts pictures of herself! So I'm going to take some time to talk about the 'oldest girl' in our family! But I don't have any pictures on my computer, I'm sorry!
Shea has awed me since the day I met her. When I saw her with Riley, I knew she was a wonderful and loving mother. It took me a few months to convince her to marry me... I had to use some black magic I learned growing up (not really...). Anyways, she spent our first year of marriage pregnant! It wasn't easy for her, especially working at 4am during the first half of the pregnancy! Of course she complained and of course she asked me to do even more stuff than usual (you should be laughing right now if you really know Shea), but I did it gladly!!!
Since Zoie was born, the house has piled up with laundry to do, dishes to be washed and a constant runaway dog. That's because Shea spends most of her time either feeding the baby or entertaining her! So when I come home and try to pick Zoie up, she looks at me with an odd face like, 'you're not mommy.' That just tells you how good Shea is at this whole parenting thingy! Me, on the other hand, I just try not to get on the way! I think Zoie knows me as the guy who changes her diapers and makes her scream while at it!
Shea doesn't get much sleep but everytime I see her, she's happy and entertaining Zoie! I honestly couldn't ask for a better mother to my children! Riley is still as cute as one could possibly be and dramatic as one could possibly be! She is still on my top 5 of all-time funniest people! Just as an example, she got in trouble at the begining of this week for throwing a fit while cleaning her room. She got some toys taken away from her and after yelling for the whole neighborhood to hear, I told her I would give it back if she doesn't throw a fit next time she has to clean her room. She then looked at me with the saddest face in the world and said, 'but it's so hard to clean my room without throwing a fit!' Yeah, the ONLY difference between her and Shea are the 20 years that separates them.
Well, I just wanted to say again that Zoie and Riley are wonderful and that Shea NEVER gives herself enough credit. I have no idea what would be of this family if it wasn't for her wonderful spirit and cheerful attitude!
I think you should all try to find yourselves a 'Shea:' it'll make you happy!


calledawell2 said...

Right on Berns!

Its wonderful to have great women in your life. We hope to come visit you sometime (hopefully by the end of this year).

Berns and Shea said...

what a sneaky little husband i have.....

Aubrey said...

That is the sweetest thing EVER!

SladeMomma said...

What a wonderful post, Berns! I love to see you two in love, happy and doing right and good
things. Makes my heart feel warm inside. Thank you.

lovely laurie said...

Yeah for Berns posting! We all love Shea and think that Berns is equally awesome because he got her. I agree that it is especially wonderful to watch Shea SO happy these days even in the face of no sleep and piles of laundry and dishes. You are both great people and I love that I know you. (Oh yeah, and being related to me makes you the best yet!)