Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make the mental note--marry a foriegner...

Being that I married a wonderful man from a wonderful country...I get the joy of having to try to get visas, dual citizenship, and LOTS of passports....and by joy I mean, no fun at all. HOWEVER...I can't complain this time.
We are planning a most wonderful trip to Brasil early next month, so I had to get Riley's visa. When I applied for my visa I just sent in the paper work and viola! There it was...APPARENTLY times have changed in 2 years. The Brasilian consulate no longer accepts visa applications by mail, we had to appear in person!
Well, the closest consulate happens to be in L.A.--So I packed up the 2 girls and treked down the 4 hours to L.A.--my thought was DARN, I guess I'll just HAVE to stay a few days and visit my beloved friend Pam, go to the beach, and eat lots of good food...(what a drag huh? moohaha)

Sooo, we stood in line for the consulate for about 1.5 hours, and then spent the next 3 days enjoying beautiful sunny California.
BONUS! My brother and his lady Alyssa were down for a friends wedding, so we were lucky to see them too! It was quite the fantastic weekend, we are just bummed Berns didnt get to join us...Next time babe! But thanks for being from Brasil so that I HAVE to do things like this :)


SladeMomma said...

The beach part looks like a lot of fun, but the 4 hr drive and the standing in line for 1.5 hours does not. But yeah for you getting to visit the Brazilian side of the family. They are going to LOVE those cute little girls. More beaches there?

Colin said...


that's my sad face because you played on the beach while provo froze over.

La said...

umm. i don't recall my phone ringing.
ps. me and kiddies are heading to vegas this weekend. wanna eat cafe rio together??