Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WHOA TURBO, slow down...

Our little Zoie Monster has decided to grow up too fast. I'm not sure where she got the crazy idea that this was ok, but nonetheless, she decided to do it. She is now 5 months old and has decided that rolling around is no longer enough. She is trying with all her might, mind, and strength to's looking a bit like a seal out of the water. We are loving every minute that we have with her...just not real sure who told her that its ok to get big so fast.... Graduation from Bumbo to an actual high chair!!
Although, she is still a tad bit short for her high chair...she can barely see over the tray.

Toes are a delicious treat.
Trying soooooooo hard to lift herself up so she can crawl.

Sweet, happy, healthy girl...what more can you ask for?

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mari said...

Esta boquinha é da familia Costa!