Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zoie, I would like to introduce you to...

Grandpa Gui! Zoie LOOOOOOOOVES grandpa Gui. In her eyes he does no wrong.

Grandma Ceriz!

Uncle Felipe!
Auntie Mariana!

Grandma Rita --Grandpa Gui's mama--four generations!The Costa side of the family (well, not all of them)
Grandpa Wilson and Grandma Dorita! Ceriz's parents--four generations!

Cousin Victor!! This is who I hope Zoie has hair like, it's pretty amazing. Cousin Luis Henrique--I'd like to note that he is 3 months younger than Zoie and the same size....she is a little peanut.
The Bicalho side of the family...well some of them...there is about eleventy billion more...

A main part of the reason we went to Brazil this time was because no one besides Berns' mom had met itty bitty Zoie. It was great fun to see everyone oooh and ahhh over her. Berns and I decided that I will have to visit more than once a year so that the family will be able to watch and enjoy Riley and Zoie as they grow and learn!

Berns has finally learned that once you have children no one cares if you come to visit, you dont get presents, and they dont really acknowledge your existance anymore. Poor guy sulked as Riley and Zoie were showered with gifts from every direction. I will admit that I was showered with gifts as well. Berns, I guess you just learn that when you have such cute girls in your family every one over looks you!! Just kidding, we love you Bernsie.


SladeMomma said...

Shea, how's your Portuguese coming?

Berns and Shea said...

My portuguese is far from where it should be...it barely exists. I can understand a bit of what is being said, I'm just awful at talking...so basically I can listen but am mute...which I bet my mother would LOVE.