Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is for Riley to Slow Down...

Riley lost her first tooth!! *clap* *hoots* *hollers* *congrats* *silent sob*

Silent sob? you ask---well, my baby is getting too big. She is a full blown kid. I can no longer get away with calling her a baby...although I probably should have known that when she turned 6, and went to FIRST grade...but this solidifies it...she's a big girl.

She is SOOOOO excited about loosing her tooth. She stuck it in a pretty little box and stuck it under her pillow and woke me up with GREAT excitement the following morning at 6am to show me the profit in which she recieved. Because of this experience I have learned 2 things:

1. Riley is growing up too fast and eventhough I would like to protest it, I will continue to enjoy every little bit of her.

2. I need to loose more teeth--the tooth fairy is quite generous these days and we are in a recession...gotta make money some how!


lissalynn said...

wow they are growing up so fast! slow down i need some time to catch up. how about in a year you have another one so we can be preggo together again. the best way to keep them young is to have another one.

SladeMomma said...

You must be feeding both those girls giddy-up n' grow supplements. Just yesterday Riley was a toddler and Zoie was barely born.