Monday, March 9, 2009

Pumpin Iron

Our little Zoie is a peanut. Any of you that have see her can attest to this. I took her in for her 9 month wellness check last Friday expecting to have to deal with getting the poor little thing some more immunizations. They first thing the nurses do is weigh her and measure her head and how tall she is. Our little peanut weighed in at 16.6 lbs this time around.
Zoie has been consistant about gaining weight. She stays about the 25% for her age--but she has been staying on that curve, so they weren't concerned. Well, little peanut dropped off her little curve down to the 10%. It didnt throw a huge red flag to the Dr, but he became a little concerned.
SO on top of the immunizations they did a little heel poke on her to run a hemoglobin on our little miss to check her iron levels. For those of you that arent familiar with what a hemoglobin is or medical terms he was basically checking for signs of anemia (wikipedia it if you dont know what that is either). My mom has anemia, so does my sister (and hers is to the point that she has to get iron injected via IV in her body every so often). Zoie's hemoglobin was a little low--but again not enough to go crazy and test more.
I explained to the doctor that she is also a picky picky eater and does not like her greens.
So--Doc told us to start supplimenting some iron into her diet and we will test her again at her year check up:

Zoie either

1) needs to be force fed spinach

2) is anemic and gets to enjoy the lovelness that genetics bring along....

keep your fingers crossed that its #1.


Lauren said...

Force feed spinich..hmm seems a little brutal to me, hopefully she will start to enjoy iron filled foods soon!!! In the meantime you can just enjoy her cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Iron IV isn't all bad, it's like a mini vacation every 3 months. I get to leave the children behind for a couple of hours, watch TV and get all the drinks and snacks I want. Not to mention the warm blankets. However, I am still hoping it is the first one for her sake.

SladeMomma said...

I love spinach, so that doesn't sound too bad. My fingers are crossed.

Berns and Shea said...

Britt--you really need to get out more if you think that is a vacation. but hey, if it will make you happy when you come to visit I will stick an IV in your arm, put some bon bons and a twilight book next to you and the kids and i will go ride rollercoasters.
i wont give you a blanket though--its too hot here.