Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going Postal

I have been informed that I have been much-a-slacker at updating the lives of the Costas. So, let's back up to the beginning on the lovely christmas season and start from there.

As soon as December 1st hit...well, let's be honest, as soon as Thanksgiving dinner was eaten; Riley decided it was time to get going on her letter to Santa. She wrote many rough drafts (yes, she told me that's what they were) before she was ready to send them off.
And then Riley asked me, "Mom...just how do I know that Santa is getting this. What is my guarentee?"

Uh.... *think shea, think* "well....uh...the...uh....Post Elf leaves you a surprise in the mailbox when he comes to get it cause the normal postman cant take them--he doesnt know where Santa lives" (i know, i know, i'm pure genius)

So Riley took her letter...and the one she so graciously wrote for zoie, and stuck them in the mailbox. The next day, to her surprise, the genius little post elf left the 2 girls a surprise.

The best part of this story is what Riley's christmas list entailed.
1. A picture of an elf signed
2. A list of why Santa likes me so much
3. Homemade chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Claus
4. A picture of the North Pole and Santa's House
5. A santa outfit

I've decided she's a good one. We will keep her.

The treasures inside.


kira said...

AWESOME idea! Definitely something to keep in mind for our home next year. :)

SladeMomma said...

Very cute story. I'm glad that you've decided to keep her :-)