Thursday, December 3, 2009


The month of November seemed to slip out of my fingers; so now I gotta play catch up. First up--a story about favorite kinds of stories.

This story involves, Rolls, salad, turkey, gravy, jello, carrots, pie,, food, and more food.

Ya, ya guessed it. Thanksgiving. I have never had the "privledge" to cook an entire feast of food at my house. My lovely aunt and uncle invited us over and just asked that I bring some side dishes. Who'da thunk that making 1 salad, 1 fancy carrots, and 1 jello dish would take 4 hours that morning. Geez oh petes...

Riley and Zoie were in seventh heaven. Riley loved it cause she had people to play with and things to decorate. Zoie loved it cause she got food. Anytime food is around, Zoie is content. Berns and I were just happy to be with family laughing and creating fond memories for our kiddos. We are thankful for so many things--but mostly for each other. Life is good.

This is the face you get from Zoie when you ask her to say "cheese"...priceless.

This is the face you get when you ask Berns to say "cheese"...uh...priceless?

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