Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Dark Side

We took a superb trip to Disneyland last week with the majority of my family. While there the oldest grandkids got to partake in the Jedi Academy. Something I never thought Riley would be interested in...think again Shea.

As luck would have it Riley, cousins Riian and Cole were pulled up on stage to fight the villans. Darth Mal, Darth Vader, and Darth sumthing-or-other. Riley got the luck of the draw for a one on one battle with Darth Vader.

Light Sabers were slashing and soon enough Darth Vader said in his very breathy creepy voice, "Come to the dark side." On which Riley replied without missing a beat. "NEVA!!!!! (never)"

The crowd applauded and hollared. There you have it friends. Now introducing Riley Skywalker.


Framing Memories said...

I knew all that sword fighting with Braedyn and Prestyn would pay off someday! haha

lissalynn said...

the force is strong in this one