Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Green Globs....

...of greasy grimy gopher guts. Well, maybe not so much this year. More like a miniature hot dog and..Spiderella...yes, that's right, Spiderella.
Halloween this year was gobs of fun starting on the Wednesday before with our annual Costa Carving Party, a trunk or treat shindig on Thursday night at our church, a carnival on Friday at the Performing Arts School I teach at...and then FINALLY trick or treating on the actual Hallows Eve. (just typing it all out wears me out)
I never realized one measly Halloween could be so exhausting!
Riley picked out her costume (if you know her, the moment you saw that it was Spiderella-that was a dead give away.) I forced Zoie to be a hot dog...but in all honesty it fits her personality perfectly. She would have been out of her place in a princess dress or witch hat...
Maybe next year Berns and I wont be so lame and we will dress up to...(hint hint babe, hint hint).
Here's some pictures from the activities..Berns took a video of the girls trick-or-treating that I will post later...cause they are laughable.
I've decided nothing is better than dressing up like goons and getting free candy--EXCEPT, having children that will dress up like goons and get the free candy FOR you...EX.CELL.ANT.

She's ready to go!

Spiderella...frightening eh?

My itty bitty hot dog


Lauren said...

Your kids are adorable! Looks like you guys had a great Halloween!

SladeMomma said...

What are those edibles in the last picture with the eyeballs on top? Looks like fun! Wait til Spiderella gets her teeth, she's gonna be a knockout!

Kara said...

Zoie did make the perfect hotdog! And those eyeball looking things at the bottom look awesome!