Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cabin Fever---DISCLAIMER--Ridiculous Picture Overload

What's more fun then spending a weekend being lazy, roasting schmarshmellows, making carmel apples, riding four wheelers, skipping rocks, eating ice cream, visiting "mom-and-pop" shops, paint balling, and forgetting about every day life in general?-----Spending the weekend at a cabin of course!
Vegas lacks mountainage (yes that's a word)...well...ok, not true. There are mountains in Vegas...but they lack mountainy (another "real" word) things. They are beautiful in their own little way. The rocks are red and fun to climb in--but there is a definite lack of large pines, ferocious bears, and random lakes everywhere. So once again we mooched off our good friends and caravanned our way up the Cedar Mountain in Utah.
It was so nice spending time with friends and watching our girls enjoy every aspect of playing outdoors. Riley enjoyed decorating a miniature cabin so it would be "fancy". Zoie enjoyed getting as dirty as humanly possible as she stomped and rolled through dirt and fallen pine needles.

Boys were boys...Girls were...dorks and fun was had by all. It is now my dream to own a cabin when I "grow up" know, a long with the house in Durango, Brasil, and on a beach that I want.....


Kara said...

What does it take to get invited to someone's cabin in the REAL mountains? That looked so much fun! When I grow up I want a cabin at Vallecito Lake and a winter home somewhere warm- Brazil would be good, with a beach in my backyard. That's not too much to ask for is it? Sounds like Zoie doesn't belong in the city.

grandma debi said...

so fun to see pictures of your little family. The girls are getting so big and they are so cute! I loved the Brasilian food picture and can't believe Zoie likes that stuff. YUK. Too funny.