Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Not Ok With It

Dear Maker of Time,
Please slow down. My newest itty bitty has been growing too much too fast and I would prefer that you slow things down a bit. Her rolls have tripled in size. Her chins have tripled in numbers. And while it is all good and dandy because we LOVE us some chubby baby--it has all happened a bit too fast.
Thank you for still allowing her to be small enough to sleep for hours on my chest--it is something I shall hold onto dearly and neglect cleaning my house as long as you will allow.
If I slip you a twenty could you please promise me that things will start slowing down from here on out? Thank you very much.
Momma Costa.

1 comment:

Rebecca and Nick said...

No joke. My baby has the same problem. But at least there is more of her to love, right?