Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It all seems to make sense now....

Growing up one of my FAVORITE movies was Drop Dead Fred. Those of you that haven't seen it--WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?--those of you that have know what an epic amazing film it is ;)
It's about a lady going through a divorce and her childhood imaginary friend comes back to visit. The movie takes you through various "memories' showing what mischievous horrible things Fred had this girl do.
Fred is a naughty naughty friend but, oh so very funny. But because he's imaginary the little girl gets the rat for all the naughty things that happen.

Well....remember this little girl that we have nicknamed "Beast":

Remember how she is the epitomy of toddler and always gets into trouble in some way or another?
Well...I have figured out the culprit behind the little angel face. And her name is "Chaka Khan".
Zoie has an imaginary friend. Zoie has been talking about Chaka Khan for the past few months. At first we thought it was just a word she was saying...some kind of babbling. Then we started to catch on to things. Like she would ask where Chaka Khan was. Or she would randomly say "hi" to Chaka Khan. We soon came to realize that Chaka Khan is Zozo's friend.
She walks around telling us what Chaka Khan is doing and I will randomly see her in the corner saying hi to someone.
So it's official. Zoie has her own "Fred" The beastliness all makes sense now.....Welcome to the family Chaka Khan.

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Dana said...

Another girl in the family - couldn't she at least have had a MALE imaginary friend!?!