Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Rolly Polly

I love this baby. Plain and simple. She is getting so big and more amazing every day. When she smiles she shows off her little dimples. She's content pretty much all the time and only "squaks" a small amount when she is hungry. She even allows her 2 year old older sister to poke, prod, squeeze, and "snuggle" her anytime Zo wants. She's a good one. She's an amazing one. And she's all mine (well, I guess I'll share her with Berns).
If you are nice, I shall let you snuggle her and squeeze her incredible chubby thighs. You can find us most days at home getting nothing accomplished and snuggling the day away. Come and join and fall in love as much as I have.


Kara said...

I know what else you're doing all day- making headbands and hats to match every outfit!! She's so cute and you do a good job making sure she's color coordinating all the time!

lissalynn said...

do you put on a headband every time you take a picture or is she just ALWAYS wearing one? she precious. wish i could come snuggle with you guys.

grandma debi said...

#3 is adorable, as are her sisters! Sounds like you are enjoying being the mother of 3 little girls!