Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Up: Giving Thanks

My position in the family currently is that of Slacker. If you look inside my window (but please don't creepers...i.e. John Eckhoff), you will find mountains of laundry that need to be folded (that's right...I washed them, just haven't folded them yet); a very messy post-holiday house, dishes to wash, projects to be sewn, a slew of toys in the backyard that belong inside, and more. You will also notice the hoards and hoards of pictures on my computer waiting patiently to be uploaded to a blog (ok, maybe not...but you get my drift).
I am far behind on updating this cyber journal of mine. So I will back up...just a little Thanksgiving. From there I will hopefully move on to Christmas--but I might forget and not get to that for a few months. Take what you get.

Being that Berns had never met the wonderful lady that helped form my crazy family--GGma--we ventured down to El Centro for Thanksgiving. As wonderful luck would have it, my madre and Paul were there too. It was a most wonderful time being there with grandma, my mom, my stepdad, my aunts, and uncles, and insanely delicious Mexican food.
We ate unruley ammounts of food. (I devoured all the middles of the cinnamon rolls...the outsides are good for nothing), we played games, I sewed projects, and we enjoyed sitting in GGma's reading room and listening to her wise wisdom.
Thanks for the hospitality Kjersti and GGma--Riley loved it so much she wants to move there for a year. We'll be back to visit soon.

Thanks for that Zoie....

One classy couple

I like them...lots and lots

Riley has great manners. The fact that she got the turkey leg thrilled her to no ends.

some goon

dancin on grandpa's feet

meeting GGma for the first time

Zo and grandma dressed as princesses on the tramp...completely normal...oh wait...

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Rachel said...

I served part of my mission in El Centro. It was fantastic!