Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deck the Halls

I'm a weeeee bit addicted to Christmas. I usually make my fam set up the tree and the hoards of paraphernalia that I have the day after Thanksgiving. This year I was late. It happened 4 days after Thanksgiving instead. Dang it.

Bernsie and Riley sorted through the hoards of twigs and branches to assemble our tree. Zoie sortede through the hoards of Christmas schma (and made the biggest mess she could.) And little B...slept through the whole thing. I took pictures, cuz that's what I do best. And now you get to enjoy them....2 months later....

Bia tuckered out from all the excitement.

Zo trying to help set up the tree. Don't mind the Quasimodo look--she had an eye cold

My little decor team. I like em lots.

My little christmas train. The S is for Shea, B is for Berns, and the J is for Jack. My awesome nephew made it for me. It's my favorite Christmas decoration.

Remember how I was going to catch you all up on our lives and I started with Thanksgiving....wellll, after weeks of waiting, I will post now about Christmas. i might catch up with all we've done this time next year.

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