Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas in February

*before you read, please be well aware that there are are unruly amounts of pictures in this post. That's what happens when you combine Christmas with my camera and my brother's crazy camera.*

It's finally here folks--a post about Christmas. I'm really on top of my game these days.
Christmas was yet another classic this year. Adding another child to the mix provides for more fun because I get to buy more toys. Berns' might think differently.
We moseyed our way to Utah again this year to spend Christmas with my side of the fam. If you read this blog time after time, year after year; this may seem like a repeat post (and let's be honest, I'm soooooo incredibly interesting, that I'm sure you are alll repeat readers..baha.)
This year Rooster went to spend Christmas with her dad in Colorado. I always get sad and down when I don't have her for the holidays, but the fact that she had a great time helps a bit.
It was nice to have the rest of the fam there minus Jess (who is currently serving a mission in Slovenia/Croatia; so I suuuupose she is excused from Christmas this time around)
There was lots of singing (usually), lots of laughing (always), lots and lots of food (most definitely), hoards of presents under the tree (so many that Britt threatened to start putting them in the garage and bring them in in "waves" on Christmas), and many memories.
I have officially reached the ripe ol age of "old" when you can care less about presents and packages and really just want to be with the people you love and adore.
Christmas and my family are my two favorite things (besides those little candy hearts at Valentines)--I'm glad I got to enjoy both at the same time.

In other words, Zo got a plasma car from rocks...I want my own.

Ms. Izzy is great, this picture just proves that statement.

Zo was jealous everyone got to play piano and sing and dance. She wanted her own turn.

Apparently we plum tuckered her out.

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SladeMomma said...

I enjoy your pictures anytime, even Christmas in Feb. I'm crossing my fingers for Z's continued interest in the piano. Have your started Riley yet?