Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last week I was fortunate enough to babysit a sweet little 3 month old named Avery. Well, I never imagined Zoie would take so well to her! Every time she would come over little Zo got super excited and shouted "Hi BABY!" in her own little way.

If you have been reading my blog, you are well aware that Zoie likes to sit on things as of late. Well, this was just the case with little Avery. I had to watch the 2 of them like a hawk. Zoie tried to back up and take a seat on her belly every chance she got. She also found it quite fun to tap her head, pet her, and point out where her nose and mouth was. We had a good time playing with Avery--but it was exhausting trying to keep up with Zoie so she wouldnt destroy the poor child!

So, before you even fathom asking--no...just because Zoie loves babies, I will not be having another one for a while....

I convinced her that petting the baby was just as fun as trying to sit on her.

And since the baby got a really cool seat to sit in...

...then of course Zo had to try it out. (I would like to point out she got stuck in this thing, on more than one occasion..but kept going back)

Might I mention that Zoie HATES and DESPISES her car seat. But since this is the baby's car seat--it was bound to hold treasures and fun!


ToGeThEr AnD fUn said...

Zoie is getting so big! It´s so nice to see you all so happy.

So wonderful :)

We love you,

Aladdin and Lady.

Framing Memories said...

I love how she's in a different outfit in every picture! haha. My boys can finally make it thru an entire day in just one outfit! (most days that is)

SladeMomma said...

Funny post! And, yes, you SHOULD have another one or 10.

Berns and Shea said...

haha. The pictures were taken on different days--we babysat for a week straight...haha. But yes, one outfit a day does not do it.

Dana said...

Crazy, but beautiful. You should have more just becase they're so cute.