Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hub-bub

My rants have recently been about...well...not much. So I thought I would actually put some substance into the blog and tell you the happenings of the Costas.

Miss Rooster is 6 going on 20. She is sassy and full of soul--but we love every bit of her. Her favorite thing to do these days is read (wha? is she really my child?). She spends hours upon hours on her bed or the couch reading and re-reading anything she can get her hands on. She is quite fascinated with Junie B Jones books. They just announced the reading program at the library that awards children prizes for reading and she got SUPER stoked. Barnes N Noble is also giving away free books for reading--so she is actively working on reading...
Being that she isnt aloud to watch TV during the week, Riley's imagination and vocabulary is something that has wowed us daily...Examples? Oh, of course:

A friend asked if Riley was going to get up to do karaoke at a recent church party. Riley's response: "Oh, I dont do that, I'm socially awkward".

Anytime she thinks something is funny it is "Ah-larious". Or any observation she makes starts with an "apparently".
She is a goober and we love her!

Zoie is...a 1 year old monster. I often tell my sister that her 2 year old Izzy is the epitome of a toddler. Well, I think Zoie and Izzy have secret meetings and communications because Zoie has also turned into the epitome of toddler. She is into EVERYTHING. She loves to tote toys, band aids, clothes, cereal boxes, remote controls, books, and credit cards around the house.
She still doesnt have a single tooth--but only wants to eat "real people food"--so she gums anything you place in front of her.
These days if Zoie isnt off destructing something in the house, you can find her sitting on or snuggling with Sophie. She LOOOOOOVES the dog. And the good pup Sophie is just lies there and takes the abuse. Zo is at such a fun age. I cant stop laughing. She is, without a doubt, amusing.

Berns and I are same ol same ol. We celebrated our anniversary this month! We enjoyed a night out at the Melting Pot (which is both of our favorite restaurant). he is still the same goofy guy he has always been and I love him to pieces.
We are really the boring ones of the family being that we dont say funny things or get excited to read books. And no one finds it amusing when we destruct the house or sit on the dogs face. *sigh* being old is just no fun--it is a good thing we have such fantastic kiddos to keep us young.

Vegas is treating us all great. We are enjoying the sunshine on an everyday basis. Yes, is it a weeeeeee bit hot--but come visit anyways. You can sit pool side while Riley reads you a story and Zoie empties your suitcase.

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Lauren said...

Your kids are adorable. Zoie would be shaking her head yes at this comment I am sure. We drove past tutti bella today and Maile said "ice cream shop, lets call Shea" Smart cookie for sure! Maybe friday I told her so if you want to hit up some frozen deliciousness let me know!