Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hoppin down the bunny trail.

Easter is my second favorite holiday by far. It didnt get that way til I had kids though. I get super excited about filling their baskets, egg hunts, precious dresses (another reason I guess I'm meant to have girls), peeps, and yes, even the annoying fake grass that gets everywhere.
This year Easter was that of pure perfection.
The morning was spent digging through the girl's baskets finding treasures the Big Bunny Man left behind. After that we enjoyed "going" to church in our pjs....That's right! It was General Conference weekend meaning we enjoyed listening to talks and lovely music while in the comfort of my cloud pj's and couch.
Being that I am 5 months pregnant, of course I had cravings and decided to put them into action. For brunch we ate crepes filled with delicious fresh fruit and whipped cream (hey, at least the fruit part was healthy.)

In between conference sessions the girls got to do their Easter egg hunt in our community park a block away from the house. Sooner or later it was time to actually get out of our loungin pants and put on some nice clothes to go to dinner at my Uncle's house. Zoie was fairly adamant about not taking pictures in her Easter dress....oh well.

Like I said, I love Easter. I loved it most this year. Just me, my family, and the leaders of our church. Doesn't get much better than that....unless you get rid of that plastic grass in the Easter baskets.

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lissalynn said...

my favorite part of all these pictures is zoie's little red fingernails!