Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Adult Supervision Required

Berns' whole huge ginormous family lives in Belo. His grandpa and grandma's house is constantly flourishing with eleventy thousand people. Its the kind of house where kids roam wild and grown ups just look on in awe.
Zoie and Riley love going over there to play...what kid wouldnt?-Parrots that talk, candies, power wheels, wide open outdoor space to run, endless amounts of soda pop, a puppy, flowers to pick, presents to open, bubbles to blow, etc etc etc. They have free roam of the space--and if someone tells them "no" to something the rest of the family looks at them like they're crazy.
Being that Zoie is a beast and Riley has an imagination with no boundaries they both love having free reign of the house.

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lissalynn said...

sounds a lot like our growing up in my house always full of people! riley looks so much like you did its weird.