Sunday, April 11, 2010

Praca do Papa

These days our trips to Brasil are all about family, eating, relaxing, eating more, more family, eating with family.
We have past the point of being tourists when we come to Belo. This trip is no different. Our days are spent just relaxing and enjoying the culture Berns grew up in.
The girls were in desperate need of a slide and some running space after a loooong, uncomfortable plane ride--so we visited Praca do Papa--(Pope Square). This is the same place where Berns proposed--and now it's the spot where our itties run wild and free. Makes me look at my life and grin. I'm blessed. Period. End of story.


Dana said...

How fun! Are grandma and grandpa thrilled another baby Cosa is on the way!?! Wish we were seeing you at the reunion...guess we'll have to visit Sin City some time soon :)

SladeMomma said...

Love the pictures of your itties. Can't imagine a 14-hour plane ride, especially with kids. You must really like those inlaws!

Brinlee, Kyle, and Kimber said...

I absolutely LOVE this. You brought tears to my eyes! LOVE! You are too cute and we miss you like crazy! Glad to see you are having fun! Keep posting!