Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fun with gramps and grams.

Berns' parents (as well as a couple aunts and 2 crazy cousins) came to visit us in January for a few weeks. It was nonstop fun for all. Bia got to soak up the sun while Vovo Gui gave her her daily dose of Vitamin D. Riley enjoyed having everyone wait on her hand and foot and Vovo Ceriz walking her to the bus stop every morning, and Zo loved the fact that she got to get away with practically everything. It's sad that we live so far away from such great family members--I have told Berns he should now become a pilot so we can go visit them more often--I'm not getting very far with that. --My next plan is to present him with buying us a plane and hiring a pilot. One way or another we will get down to visit them again soon so the girls can bask in the glory that Vovo Ceriz and VoVo Gui are.

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