Monday, April 4, 2011

Slept through the countdown... New Years I suppose. Seeing as it is the beginning of April, and as I recall, New Years happens in January. Let's play catch up--not so much for all of you; but more so for me when I look back many years from now and wonder what the heck I did December 31st 2010...cuz I do things like that.

We meandered our way to Durango for New Years this year after Christmas to play with Grandma Nisey. Being that I'm a Colorado girl--New Years has always been spent in freezing weather and snow--and it just doesnt seem right to hang out in Vegas in mildly warm weather. Good ol' Durango didnt let us down and we freezed our tushies off, so we stayed in doors and danced to wii dance for hours and ate unruley ammounts of food. The girls loved it and still are begging Berns to buy a wii just for that purpose-(yes, the GIRLS are begging him--not me---no way...*wink*).
Poor papa Berns was working and didnt get to enjoy the fun in Durango with us. We miss having his goofiness around times like this. Hopefully he'll join us next time. Until then--yup, you guessed, some pictures!

Crazy crazy lady and her crazy crazy granddaughter.

Lots of love--Gma Nisey is top notch.

Lil B sure does love her Gpa--he was the only normal one in the room.

Zo loves the sparkling cider aka "fuzzy juice"

Sweetest thing ringing in the new year

and then there is Landon...nuff said.

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