Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Newest Trend?

So, I know I'm not the most stylish person in the world. But, really, I didn't think I was soooo bad that my two oldest daughters wouldn't be able to figure out how to coordinate things. I am blaming this all on Berns.

I apologize deeply for Riley's last outfit...white tights, plaid shorts, a floral oh man...oh, p.s.--when she put it on she made sure to come wake me from my slumber to show me how great she looked. I quickly turning on my acting capabilities and asked her if I could wear it when she was done. She was crazy proud of it.
I repeat...blame Berns.

2 comments: Shop said...

But SHE is in Style! Nowadays the fashionist says it's not wrong to mix flowers and plaid! hahahahahaha So she is a trend maker herself! She is Good!!! hahahaah

SladeMomma said...

I seriously see outfits like that every day in the college music department. Anyway I agree with Riley, she looks great. And cute.