Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Super Slow Bunny

Easter came and visited us (yes, it came on time...I'm just 4 months slow at typing).

Easter is my second favorite holiday. Christmas comes in first...obviously. However, I get super excited about Easter. I'm grateful for a mother that was uber into traditions--I think it is because of her that I go all out and ridiculous on Easter.

However. I have never had to cook my own big Holiday dinner...and this was the year. My older sister Britt laughed at me when I called her stressed over it:

"Shea, Easter isnt a big dinner"

"Uh...Britt, it has ham, and potatoes, and salad, and rolls, and jellos, and this, and that...and some more this."

"Ya, that's easy...isn't that what you eat most Sundays?---Meat, and a couple of sides and some rolls?"

To that I replied...no...I'm not super woman...she is...she takes after my mother.

Regardless, I pepped talked myself into cooking for about 4 weeks prior. I let everyone in the family pick a dish. (Riley chose deviled eggs...now THOSE I know how to make...I sense she was worried of my stress). I invited Dad over (a pretty big food critic--I can't rely on Berns, he'll eat anything.). When it was all said and done, dad said, "Thanks. I'll take some potatoes home for left overs."--Which translates to "Man oh man that was delicious."--that's how Dad communicates.

Enough of the food. The girls loved seeing their baskets of goodies and fun reading materials. And of course a new church dress and shoes. Bia was besides herself with all of the plastic eggs. Heck with buying toys next year--she's just getting empty eggs.

All I've got left to say is it's memories like these and moments like these that I sit back and think, "I've got the best life ever"...I challenge you to show me a better one. You can't do it.

My ridiculously good lookin kiddos...I know I know...I'm bias.

Wasn't kidding about the plastic eggs....

They all got jellies--I was super bummed they don't sell jellies in my size....or Berns' for that matter.

We don't kid around....a big ol bucket of those awesome plastic eggs.

.......annnnnnnnnd eggs........

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Anonymous said...

I'm far from a super mom, ask my kids. And I didn't even make Easter dinner this year. Yours looks like it was really good, and I'm glad you got Dad to take some home.