Monday, September 29, 2008

Que cabelo!

This last weekend Berns and I got the wonderful chance to see Danny and Lauren and their precious precious children. All I have to say is that Eden is quite possibly the cutest little 3 year old ever. Her personality is hysterical and we just couldnt get enough of her! Not to mention, she's the friendliest little thing! I sat there all night playing with her's fantastic...I'm sure she, and the rest of the family get's sick of hearing about it...but I mean, really, just look at it! I couldnt resist myself....well, that and the classic Eden smile made my day...
We also got the joy of playing with little chubby Charlie. He is such a sweet little boy and just sat and snuggled. Very content with life...Although, as soon as it was dinner time and Danny didnt feed him enough, he would let out a sqwak to let him know! Precious boy...he looks just like his momma (which Im an idiot and didnt get any pictures of her...dang it...but she's precious too!)
Zoie joined in on the fun....mainly just to ooh and awe at Eden....

These boys have known each other for 11 years!! They met in Brasil when Danny lived there with his family...and now they are both grown boys (no, not yet men, they still have a few years) with cute kids. We were sad that Riley didnt get to join us for the get I promissed Eden I would drive down to Southern Cali to visit and play princesses....she was am I, and I'm sure Riley will be in seventh heaven.
Again, I didnt get as many pictures as I should have--but it's always such a joy to get together with people we love!! Thanks Danny, Lauren, Eden, and Charlie!! oh...and Jack (the itty bitty doggy)!!!

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SladeMomma said...

Hey, you're gettin' with the Portuguese! I agree, que cabelo! Where did she get that color?