Sunday, September 7, 2008

Splishin and a Splashin

So, our ever so cute new home (again, I'll post pictures once everything is actually out of boxes and put away...) came with a spacious hot tub. Being that its super hot, Berns and I decided that we would leave the heat off for now and let Riley take it over as a little pool. The poor girl had to leave her trampoline back in Utah (lucky for her, her cousins bought it so she can play on it when she visits)--so the fact that she gets her own "pool" put her in her own seventh heaven.

Well, I have decided that pools, and hot tubs are quite the pain in the tush. I spent 3 DAYS trying to get all the chemicals right so that they wouldnt BURN off Riley's skin when she jumped in. The pH would be too high, so I would put something in to lower it, then it would be too low, then the chorine was too low and I had to add more, then shock it, but shocking it brought the pH back up, so I had to fix that, then do this, then do that....AHHHHH. I about went insane. However, after the 3 days that it took me to figure it all out, I now know what it is supposed to be, so hopefully next time I have to do the chemicals it wont be so darn annoying.

Little miss Riley waited very patiently for those 3 days--but as soon as I told her it was ready, she grabbed her life vest (even though she doesnt NEED it, she insists on wearing it) and her AWESOME looking goggles. She loves the fact that she can turn on "bubbles" in her pool. It makes all the pain of dealing with the dumb thing worth it as soon as I saw how much fun she was having!!

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