Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

Sooooo just because it's practically a month past Easter doesnt mean I cant write about it. I had every intention of doing it earlier....but in all honesty I didnt want to sit and upload pictures...plain and simple. HOWEVER...because of you regular followers (let's be honest, are there any?) I will start the posting....

WARNING however, SOMEONE (we wont name names or point fingers) got a little picture happy during enjoy the maddness from behind the lens....

Riley discovering her goods that the Easter Bunny left behind.

All Dolled up in her Easter gear--my fav are the metallic purple shoes

Itty Peanut dolled up....just because she's bald doesnt mean she can't accessorize

my cute family--I think I shall keep them.

2 precious little ladies--sun in the eyes and all.

Some might think it's kool-aide

Easter egg hunt at my aunt's and uncles house--not only did the girls walk away with heeping piles of candy--but the eggs contained enough pocket change that each girl walked away with $25 for their piggy didnt put it in there...Thanks Aunt Fran

Zoie discovering the joy of eggs...she didnt know anything was in it, but it was fun to shake :)

Before the girls got to favorite are the eggs shaped like carrots--does it count as eating my vegetables if I eat what's inside of those carrots?? Food for thought....moohaha.

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