Thursday, April 9, 2009

Putting an order in for his cane and wheelchair...

I'm a few weeks behind...its mostly due to the fact that my computer is SUPER slow these days and trying to upload pictures is ridiculous.

ANYWHO....Mr. Berns turned yet another year older (so did I about a week before him, but let's not dwell on that). The old man is now 27. We thought we were officially old when my lil sis Jess graduated from high school (mainly cause she was in 6th grade when we graduated). But now it hits us even more. The fact that Berns is no longer considered to be in his early or mid twenties made him frown. He is now classified as being in his LATE 20's.... 3 YEARS SHORT OF 30!!!! Since when did I marry such an old man? (again, we are ignoring the fact that I am getting older too.)

To try and hide the fact that Berns is so old we decided to have a party with some friends of ours and spend time eat waaaay too much junk and playing games. Good times were had by all--however next birthday I think we all might have to visit Berns in a nursing home.....moohaha. Love you babe.

Ping pong tourament---these men are such dorks when it comes to this game...

Zoie found great joy eating all the droppings from other people's plates....she's like a puppy :)

Who are these ladies?

This is Berns remembering how old he is...

The Nielson's--gotta love em

The attempt at a 3D soccer cake--it tasted good--but the frosting you can tell



Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Berns!! Looks like you guys had fun!!

lissa said...

sorry i missed your birthday. some best friend i am. looks like you had a good time, and hey stop making 27 sound SOOO OLD! some of us might think of it as young! or aleast are trying to