Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Gonna Be A Bright, Bright, Sun-Shiny Day

I LOVE Vegas' spring weather....none of this "it's April and still snowing" garbage. When Berns and I got married in May in Colorado it was still snowing (dont get me wrong, I love Colorado and would move back any day of the week). HOWEVER--Vegas' spring is delicious! It is perfect weather to be outside at the park, getting frozen yogurt, running through sprinklers, and drawing on sidewalks. It isnt heinously hot, temp stays in the 70's, and every so often a nice breeze goes through and yes it rains on occasion. It is spectacular.

Zoie has taken much liking to the swings at the park and Riley is off to a full blown sprint as soon as I park my car at the park. Too bad for Papae Berns and working a lot so he misses some of these outtings.

Vegas winters were a lot different than I expected. And while there wasnt a TON of snow (except that one day)--it was FRIGID and WINDY and NO BUENO! Welcome back sunshine...we like you.

In all honesty this picture has nothing to do with spring...but I like the ponytail :)

Makin spring time cookies...Riley likes sprinkles...maybe a little too much...

Zoie likes the spring cookies frosting....maybe a little too much....

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Niels and Susie Jensen said...

Seriously, because we are good friends I feel comfortable telling you that you should probably wait two more weeks to put up the pontytail. =)

Ya right, she looks cute in whatever, whenever. I LOVE HER.