Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Warm....3 months ago.

I'm seriously the biggest slacker with these postings as of late. And then I take a quick glimpse at my pictures and realize that I need to remember these precious little here we go taking the time machine back to February. Nothing fancy. Just some warm weather that called for park outings. Bia got to enjoy some swings for the first time--and needless to say--was thrilled and giddey the entire time. Zo, of course, got the brillant idea to have B swing with her. so, I stuffed B's chubby little legs into the same swing with Zo. They both thought it was hysterical. And then came the time to get them out. They were stuck...literally. I had to recruit a friend to push on Bia's legs from the bottom while I pulled from the top. Bia decided the swings were not as thrilling at this point. Zo's bird legs were getting pinched from Miss Thunder Thighs taking up the entire leg holes, so she didn't find it much fun either. It's safe to say both girls use their own swing now.

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