Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Happyiest Snappiest Place Around

I grew up going to Disneyland at least once a year. It was kinda my dad and my "thing". Anytime I would go visit him, he would take a few days off work and we would trek it down to Disneyland. The "magic" of it wore off eventually. Don't get me wrong, it was still cool and fun to ride the Matterhorn or good ol Space Mountain--but the beach would have been sufficient enough too.

Then I had kids and the magic came back because I got to see the wonder of it through their eyes. To watch them gleam at the sight of every little thing is worth the MONSTROUS amount of money it costs for a ticket.

Then I had in-laws and cousins and aunts from Brasil. And the magic came back again. I kind of had forgotten the fact that Disneyland is pretty ridiculous and miraculous. And being that there is nothing like it anywhere in Brasil these folks were astounded. And it was more entertaining to me to watch their reactions on the Pirate ride then to pay attention to it.

Disneyland is magic. No questions asked.

Brace yourself for some ridiculous picture overload. Zoie LOOOOOOVED all the characters. Riley, however, is still in the silly age where it is absolute torture to get her picture taken, so any chance i had to get one was a rare and precious moment.. oh, ya, one more thing to point out...Check out our ghetto fabulous lunch. We were too cheap to eat lunch in the park (and by cheap I mean we don't have $600 a person for a hot dog) so we set up a swwweeeeeet picnic in the parking garage. You can steal our idea. Don't worry....I won't mind.

The only picture I could get Riley to take with a character...because she was a queen. It was a sad thing when I realized she is gettign too big to think characters aren't cool.

Trying to sqeeze Disneyland and California Adventure is exhausting..yes, that's Zoie in Bia's car seat...I don't know where Bia is....


lissalynn said...

looks like zoie had the time of her life... and i still like getting my picture taken with the characters so what does that mean...?

Mariana Bicalho said...

Adoro quando vc escreve Brasil com S!!!