Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh, oh ya.

Remember that one time when we {the fam} took a trip to California? No, you're right, you dont remember because I forgot to document it. In the midst of raising 3 girls, directing 2 casts in Suessical, attempting to build up my new lil business (Whimsical Pudding--don't ask me what the name means...cuz I dunno); oh, and attempting to stay sane I forgot to document the fun things we do.
You WILL however remember that Berns' family came to visit back in January. Well, we packed up 2 cars and journeyed 3.5 hours west to the sunny beaches of So Cal. Our main goal was to meander into Disneyland (which we did...but that will be in a different post--you know--three years from now). But to begin with we decided to stroll down Venice Beach, pretend to be stars in front of the Kodak Theater, and let Bia get her first feel for fuzzy beach sand and crazy cold pacific water.
The girls loved every bit of it.
We of course partook in In-n-Out...even though we have it in Vegas too---it tastes better under California skies.

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